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 The picture to the left is of " Garlic scapes". Hardneck garlic varities produce a flower stalk usually starting in mid May (earlier in warmer climates) as the green growth begins to slow. This is natures way to tell the garlic to reseed itself. To produce large healthy bulbs these must be clipped about a 1/2" outside the plant area when they are still curling and not woody. We sell and eat them as they are delicious. A garlicky oniony treat

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I hand braid these garlic braids every year. They are Lortz Italian softnecks. They are beautiful purple blotchy bulbs. They are an amazing cooking garlic and their flavor is unmatched. I usually manage to braid beween 40-50 each season.



My firend from work bout three of our globe basil plant starts and put them in her pots in her yard. She put three per pot and they turned out beautiful. They keep their globe shape if you trim them, or you can let them go natural like she did and use them daily. They smell amazing and are easy to cook with because they are small  leaves so no need to tear or chop. 



We focus on gourmet garlic and herbs but we also grow a select group of veggies. These are marketmore cucumbers. They are hardy producers and tast amazing but still look like a regular cucumber. We also have 4 other gourmet varities that taste like cucumbers but do not LOOK like normal cucumbers.